Odaliz Vasquez, Co-President

My name is Odaliz Vasquez. I have two sons at AmPark in 1st and 5th grade. This is my 5th year being part of the Parent Association Executive Board as Co-President.

My passion for being part of the Executive Board developed during my oldest son’s first year of school, while attending all of the meetings and events. My children are one of my greatest joys in life and as a working mom, being involved with our school makes me feel connected to them and their educational journey. My goal for this year and our Parents Association is to work closely with the administration as well as the parent body to make sure our kids are growing and getting the tools they need to thrive – academically, socially & emotionally. I look forward to connecting with you all!

Janine Faso, Co-President

My name is Janine Faso and I have been a parent at the school since 2017. I’ve served as Co-President since 2021 when I also joined the School Leadership Team (SLT). I have always attended the monthly PA meetings, as I strongly believe that parents of AmPark hold a high level of advocacy for our children. The more parents are involved and aware of what is happening within the school, the more parents can voice their opinions for change. My son has attended AmPark since Kindergarten and has now started the 5th Grade.  While we are almost done with our AmPark experience, it has truly been one that we will always hold near & dear to our hearts.  One of my hobbies is helping people, especially children & seniors, who are the most vulnerable in our community. I also enjoy music of all genres. Professionally, I am the Office Manager/Secretary to the Board of Directors of a property management company. 

Elora Ibarra, Recording Secretary

My name is Elora Ibarra and this is my first year on the PA. I serve as the Recording Secretary along with my husband Joe, who is the Treasurer. I have two children at AmPark – Avery in the 4th Grade & Gabby in Kindergarten. I’m a Project Manager for the IT department of a health insurance company. My hobbies include cleaning & organizing, watching sci-fi movies/shows and spending time together with my family.

Joseph Ibarra, Treasurer

My name is Joseph Ibarra and this is my first year on the PA. I serve as Treasurer along with my wife Elora, who is the Recording Secretary. I’m a Compliance Analyst for Transamerica. I enjoy playing video games, reading graphic novels and sleeping. I have two children at AmPark – Avery in the 4th Grade & Gabby in Kindergarten.

Jaime Benjamin, VP of Fundraising

My name is Jaime Benjamin. I was born & raised in the Bronx and have lived in the Amalgamated Co-op my whole life. I have one son, who is now in the 3rd grade. I started serving on the PA Executive Board as VP of Fundraising in 2020.  In my role as VP of Fundraising, I am responsible for organizing fundraisers that help the school with programming, WITS, day-to-day expenses & teacher grants. We are always encouraging parents to volunteer in order to make AmPark successful for all our children & teachers. I love being part of the Board and fundraising is dear to my heart. Professionally, I work as a Senior Hotel Industry Relations Manager where I negotiate contracts with hotels for conventions throughout the United States.

Audrey Routliffe, VP of Parent Involvement

I have been an “Ampark Parent” for 9 years. I currently have a son in 4th grade, two daughters in 3rd grade & my oldest graduated AmPark in 2020. During my time here, I have served on the SLT Committee, created a Facebook page & I continue to volunteer at numerous school & PA events when given the opportunity. It has been great collaborating with other parents to make sure our children’s elementary years are both memorable & fulfilling. Looking forward to new experiences this 2022-23 school year.